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INTHACO’s competency permits it to produce Spray Dried Products which allows delivery of outstanding flavor powder for your conveniences. With our advance technology to encapsulate the best flavor and aroma we have the capability to give you the highest quality flavor powder.
Our range of seasoning & spices product listed here are developed to suit your applications which include meat industries, seasoning mixes, snacks, instant soup, canning, noodles andother related food industries
Our Product Categories:
Seasoning Powder
- Multi Purpose 
 Multi Purpose
Baked Shrimp in Butter Sauce Seasoning
Beef Seasoning
Green Curry Seasoning
Japanese Curry Seasoning
Lime Seasoning
Masala Seasoning
Mexican Salsa Seasoning
Mussamun Curry Seasoning
Nam Prik Kapi
Phad Thai Seasoning
Satay Seasoning
Seafood Sauce Seasoning
Som Tam Seasoning
Sour Curry Seasoning
Suki Sauce Seasoning